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Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) Update

Nov 13 2020

There have been a lot of announcements via different channels following the Chancellor’s announcement extending the CJRS, so we have limited ourselves here to the significant changes that are now clear. Despite the initially conflicting news of changes taking affect as of 1stNovember, the key point is the CJRS has been re-commenced so as to leave no gap between the end of the previous version and the start of the extended scheme … with much of the previous guidance still relevant.

Support for businesses who are paying SSP to employees

Jun 04 2020
  • ONLY applicable to a business with fewer than 250 employees (as at 28 Feb 2020).
  • This is still SSP - and therefore subject to all the usual rules, such as a maximum of 28 weeks’ pay, except that:
  1. There is no PIW to apply (so pay can start from the first day of sickness); and
  2. The employer can reclaim (via the online service at GOV.UK) up to 2 weeks of SSP per relevant employee.

Note:those two exceptions ONLY apply if the ‘sickness’ is Covid-19 related (although this can be due to isolation not just confirmed infection).

Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme

Jun 04 2020
The scheme is being extended to run until 31st October (instead of ending on 30th June), there is a new key caveat – namely that an employee can only be furloughed on/after 1st July IF already furloughed prior to 30th June. In practice this means that the ‘closing date’ for putting a previously unfurloughed worker onto furlough is 10th June (so that a minimum period of 3 weeks has been completed before 1st July)!
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