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2021 Budget - 3rd March

Mar 04 2021

2021 Budget – 3rd March

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered the UK 2021 Budget in Parliament setting out tax and spending plans with measures to support businesses and jobs/

livelihoods through the current pandemic – within 3 core topics:

  • supporting the British people and businesses through this moment of crisis;
  • once on the way to recovery, beginning to fix the public finances;
  • and starting the work of building the future UK economy

Summer Budget 2015

It seems to have become the norm to ‘leak’ Budget news in the days before the Statement itself.  Therefore, I wondered if there would be any surprises at all, given the fact that I had watched breakfast television in the morning of the 2015 Summer Budget!

Budget 2015 News

Mar 19 2015

Every Government is required to publish bi-annual reports to the nation, courtesy of provisions in The Treasury Act 1975.  The events are known as the Autumn Statement (December time) and the Budget (March).

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